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Train your brain to create true happiness and success so that you can make a positive ripple in the world

Even if you feel like you don’t have the time.
Even if you feel like you could mess up
Even if you’re nervous to make changes in your life.
Even if you think success is for other people.
Even if you think you’ve missed your chance.
Even if you’re not sure you are worth the effort.

Happiness isn’t rocket science. We just think it is.
You can get there. And it’s simpler than you think.

Here’s How:



Get your mindset on track for happiness and success. Because when you have that, everything you touch will become better and more positive.

Imagine feeling emotionally strong, connected to yourself, FOCUSED, and GETTING THINGS DONE.

Everything you touch with your positive mindset turns to gold. Whether it’s a lesson or an idea or simply sharing your positive nature with the people at the grocery store. You are gold and you turn everything around you into something good.

You are in control! Things are better because when you think better, you are better.

You are making a positive ripple. It’s what you’ve been trying to do this whole time and now are you are doing it! You are feeling financially secure and you know that you have a constant supply of abundance. Doesn’t that feel amazing?

You’ve listened to a zillion podcasts and bought some programs. You’ve downloaded a bunch of freebies without ever putting in the ongoing effort to change your thinking. You’ve kind of lost track of all of the feel better/do better ideas.

Well, this tool kit is for you. A happiness and success tool kit. So you can keep all of your ideas and focus in one special place with private access just for you. Tons of tools, tips, tricks about how to make real changes in small bite-size shifts. You can totally handle that.



There are tricks to changing your language and self-talk to be more positive and beneficial. ○ How to align with your goals. ○ How to communicate more effectively. ○ How to breathe better to keep your body out of stress. ○ How to relax.
○ How to set boundaries in your personal life and your business. ○ How to align with your ideal client without chasing them.
○ How to let go of unworthiness so that you can open up to receiving more abundance. ○ How to let yourself make the money you want without guilt. ○ How to take control of your fears and turn them to confidence.
○ How to find joy in your everyday life so that you stay in a high vibrating energy that starts to attract the kinds of people and opportunities to you that you’ve been waiting for…and how to create the opportunities when they don’t show up!

All of the tools are called Life Lessons and they are delivered right to you in videos, audio meditations and self-hypnosis for motivation, challenges, relaxation and emotional freedom. With new tools each and every week!

All of this and more…Along with 2 LIVE monthly group coaching calls. Yes, I’ll be there live with you at least two times a month. I’ll be there helping you along the way to get over the humps, blast though the obstacles, and align with your goals. I am here for you. Whole Life Happy is my ripple. <3

Happiness, Community and Accountability.




Twice a month join us for Happy Hour delivered LIVE in the Facebook group page. A Happy Hour is designed to refresh and refocus your energy with a guided conversation and Q+A. These calls are your opportunity to connect, have your questions answered, and grow a deeper understanding for all of the lessons. We have some FUN too!

BONUS: When you become a VIP, you’ll have access to all of the call recordings in the Archives so you can watch, learn, or refresh any time!


Sit back, relax, and take some time for you…like a spa treatment for your mind. Enjoy meditations and affirmations with beautiful music, guided by Rebecca just for you. Content from Relaxation to Motivation and more. You can listen right from the page, no need to download.


Spend quality time with your Life Coach and Lifelong Learner, Rebecca Wiener McGregor, whenever you like – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Rebecca and her team share new Life Lessons each week to build your mindfulness and awareness along with simple, easy-to-follow exercises to help you take action in your life. The results of this new Whole Life Happy habit are limitless. The RIPPLE that you can create is endless.

PRIVATE JOURNAL: In each lesson area you can leave notes for yourself. You can use the space to journal. You can use the space to place reminders about what you liked or wanted to think about in the lesson.


Before you can build your dream house you must first start with the foundation – and your dream life is no different. The HAPPINESS GOAL GATHERING KIT consists of videos called CORE Lessons and a workbook that lay the foundation for all the good you truly desire. We are going to help you get the most out of your Whole Life Happy VIP Membership…and your life.


You can build a wonderful collection of your life lesson worksheets for reference. Each worksheet has been designed to be 3-hole punched for easy storage in a 3-ring binder so you can keep your work for easy reference. In the Printables section, you will also find other beautiful planner pages, goal setting cards, happy life work, artwork to print and share, and more.


PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Join the conversation in our Facebook community page. The community page is a safe space for ideas, support, encouragement, respect, and positivity. You’ll be sent a link to our private community when you join.

Free Gifts and Treats and Happy Mail delivered via snail mail and by surprise.

Any new free webinars, audios, videos, or printed materials offered will always be added to the membership for you. (You don’t have to watch for other complimentary materials because I have your back and will always add them to the site.)

First invitation to private events and retreats designed around LIFE LESSONS and for THE WHOLE LIFE HAPPY COMMUNITY.


Have Your Own On-Demand Life Coach: Members can watch, listen, and learn as

much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any internet-connected device.

A little about me
and why I want to help…

I have been a life and business mindset coach, hypnotist, and meditation teacher for over 13 years. I am good at it. Yes, I said it! I am really good at what I do. I am good at sensing the truth and how to break down all the gunk around it to get to it.

I have worked one-on-one with over a thousand clients helping them to do everything from release fear, panic, anger, and sadness to shifting their mindset about their work, their money, and their businesses and then going on to create multiple streams of income, building a team, attracting the right kinds of clients, and more.

I LOVE working with women. I love the way the energy feels when there is a breakthrough on its way… and the shift when it happens. What a rush!

I have a unique method of coaching and hypnosis that I created along the way. It helps to quickly get to the shift. It’s called WHOLE LIFE HAPPY and I am so excited to be sharing it with you all.

The idea behind WHOLE LIFE HAPPY is that when YOU ARE HAPPY AT YOUR CORE, all of the areas of your life are positively impacted by your happiness–giving you greater personal power and freedom.

Now WHOLE LIFE HAPPY has grown into more than simply my method. It’s growing into a global community and a sacred space for women to focus their attention and intention on creating a habit of happiness in their lives.

These are the lessons that I have shared with client after client in my private practice. They kept asking me can I just have you in my back pocket to help me deal with life? Can I just hear you in my ear when I need you? So I set out to create a toolkit of lessons and ideas…and that’s what grew to become WHOLE LIFE HAPPY VIP MEMBERSHIP.

living your life with a heart filled with happiness because you’ve finally connected to yourself, your values, and your life vision. Imagine waking up each day knowing you can do whatever you set out to accomplish because you’ve been building a strong foundation of success.

yourself doing work that you love and that matches your why. Imagine that in that work you help people make their lives better…and how in helping others, you help yourself feel more successful. Mondays are so much more fun when you’re doing what you love.

yourself having deeper self-worth, and stronger self-respect so that you can set healthy boundaries, trust more readily, and build deeper, better, stronger relationships based in mutual trust, loyalty, security, and matching values.


This program helped me
uncover my purest potential!

Rebecca has a genuine and focused approach to helping each unique individual uncover a life rooted in their purest individual potential – a life rooted in happiness.

Ashley B.

Rebecca helped me find my own power!

I believe I met Rebecca owner of Whole Life Happy, right on time, to be exact I was literally hanging onto the “cliff of life,” by one hand debating if I should just let go. I was stuck, lonely, and insecure. My identity was rooted in my role as a wife, mother, and professional. When I was placed in a position to risk my life for my livelihood, I was left with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and a host of anger and intense anxiety. I could no longer supercede the expectations of the roles I felt my identity was rooted in. Rebecca helped me through her expertise of healing and love to find and explore my own power–just being me and being present. This gift she has and shares so openly not only has impacted my life but my love ones as well.

Charie J.

If you want to be fulfilled and successful, you start with happy.
Happiness and success go hand in hand.

This program is different.

This program gives you simple easy-to-follow ideas that you can implement right now so that you can become aware of how you are blocking, sabotaging, and devaluing yourself. This program gives you direct access to your coach so that you can ask questions, brainstorm solutions, and be accountable. This program will not only give you the steps to take, but it also SHOWS you how to take them and how to get out of your own way. Even if you are just getting started working on yourself, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to begin the positive change in your life. While the investment to work with Rebecca privately begins at $3000-5000, you get complete access to WHOLE LIFE HAPPY VIP MEMBERSHIP for a very small monthly rate.


  • You want to feel happy.
  • You want to be a positive influence on your family, kids, friends, and team.
  • You want to take faster and intentional action to move your life forward.
  • You want to have a positive impact in the world.
  • You understand to make a change, you have to think in new ways.
  • You want things delivered to you simply and easily.
  • You want guidance, great community, and loving support to make a positive ripple.


  • You don’t want to make an effort to be happy. (I don’t think you’d be here if you didn’t want to try.)
  • You think that things cannot change…and change quickly. (You must have some hope to read this far.)
  • You would rather complain than look for solutions. (I was going to read a book about positivity, but I thought, “Why bother?!” ) ?
  • You hate ideas and people. (That’s definitely not YOU, right?)


Coach, and now my friend!

As both her friend as well as her client, I can honestly say Rebecca’s coaching style comes from a place that is so heartfelt, so authentic, and so thought provoking (while being encouraging and supportive at the same time) that I have found myself in a complete heart opening experience during sessions as I explored my own personal dreams, goals, and aspirations. She has empowered me to face my fears and live life to my truest potential while serving as a consummate cheerleader from the sidelines. I hear her voice even when she isn’t there and recognize that this is proof that she has had an impact on my thought process that will be last a lifetime. I am grateful for her every single day!

Ashley H.

This program took my
business to the next level!

Rebecca helped me grow my business while putting boundaries in place so that I could put my family first. We worked to find creative fun solutions that were realistic, tailored to my lifestyle and values, and made the best use of my time. She helped me to empower my employees to support me in the best ways possible so I could be more efficient and work smarter. My business has grown and I’m enjoying more family time than ever! She taught me a completely different mindset and I’ve done a 180* from negativity to positivity. It feels amazing! I practice and work at it everyday, and I’m truly living the Whole Life Happy lifestyle!

I’m so grateful for all that Rebecca has taught me. It has been life changing for myself, my family, and my business!

Stephanie W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for this program?

A: You will need access to the Internet on your phone, tablet, or computer. Earbuds or headphones to help you focus if you want. Some people like to print out the worksheets, they are designed to fit in a binder. A pen and a journal works just as well too. You will need to be able to open the PDF files and choose your way of completing the work.

How much time will I need?

A: That depends on you. Most Life Lessons are 10 minutes or less. The Group Coaching Calls are about an hour. Some have worksheets that you’ll want to print. From there it is up to you to decide how much time you want to invest. We encourage you to take your time with the Happiness Goal Gathering Kit, and really discover your Life Vision.

Will Rebecca be available to me?

A: There is time to visit with Rebecca during the Happy Hours and Group Coaching Calls. You can also ask her questions in the Facebook VIP, by email, or through the contact form in the membership. You can also request a consultation to work with her privately.

Is my payment and contact information safe?

A: Yes, the site and the links are encrypted for your safety. We do not sell or share any of your contact information.

Does Whole Life Happy offer refunds?

A: The Whole Life Happy VIP Membership is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel any time. The program will be available for the time that you are paid. No proration will be given.

But remember: If you’re an entrepreneur and it is ok with your tax advisor, this can be used as a business expense because of all of the entrepreneur mindset lessons! Yahoo!

Can I buy this as a gift for someone?

A: The gift of Happiness sure is a nice idea, isn’t it? Many team leaders are choosing this option as an ongoing gift for their team members so that they are all being coached in the same way and speaking the same language.
When they sign up simply enter your credit card account information for billing.

Can my friends or teammates join with me?

A: Yes, what a great idea for friends or networking groups. Because you always sign up individually, your information, journals, quiz results, and progress will be private.

Can I learn by just joining or do I have to actually put in some effort?

A: I added this to make sure you were paying attention. Please spend time–just a few minutes each day or two–and learn something new, practice it, and see how things change. A little shift goes a long way! I made this for you. I want you to feel happy and make the positive ripple you dream of. I believe in you. Love, Rebecca


*PLEASE NOTE: This is not a substitute for therapy, counseling, or medical advice. It can be used in conjunction with other programs to help get you unstuck and help move you in the direction of your goals.